lundi 6 octobre 2014

Additional Character in Mount Tsukuba Movie

Appeared in Episode 3. Has a figure like a dragon covered in shell with a projection, approaching hide themselves in the sea. I was approaching to the water's edge of the landing verge when you showed up. And ramming that take advantage of high mobility, the beam of a possible fire shotgun-like main means of attack. Was transformed into a strengthened form that receives an arrow of light shot of Rei later, covered in thorns the whole body like a porcupine fish, but was defeated by the final operation of vivid green.

Hermit crab type
Appeared in Episode 4. Under the umbrella such as jellyfish tentacle with a semi-transparent, the body of the figure similar to hermit crabs have been encapsulated. Move the air, give off light bullets from the site looked like a mouth. It is overthrown by Vivid Blue once, but destruction of the core is not complete, play it to recover the debris in the bottom of the sea. Was re-emergence by increasing the capacity. Suffer serious damage again by the war of sunflower, but transformed into a strengthened form of the variant that receives an arrow of light shot of Rei, with the eyes of many to the whole body. The now accumulate the immense amount of energy in the body, it is a state that can not be carelessly attack, but the last was destroyed by the final operation vivid yellow.

Appeared in Episode 5. Have the site of the spark gap-like charged in the outer frame of the rectangle that floating, I unleash a powerful beam from its center. For example fainted before you shoot an arrow from weakness due to injury of the day before, it was defeated without having to change the reinforcement morphology.

In Episode 7, (was defeated after already at the beginning) only appeared in the newspaper article photo. Silhouette like a huge balance with a base of semi-transparent, the portion corresponding to the dish of both arms, there is a light-emitting sites reminiscent of lanterns. Red strange peculiar is not seen in the reinforcement morphology in the photograph, there is a possibility that has received an arrow of light A pattern of neck of Rei has changed to 7-6 before and after the appearance. In addition, the views in the photo is after sunset obviously, it suggests also that apparently was forced to battle the first night.

Appeared in Episode 7. Is in the form of huge just bobbin core, it generates a powerful electromagnetic pulse that both sides are rotated to different directions to each other. It mainly attacks aimed at the paralysis of the power grid and electronic devices than destruction. Unlike the past, has emerged in the sky near Mount Tsukuba away somewhat from the vision engine, but in central Tokyo is present on the straight path on the way to Blue Island. From the capital function collapse is Hitsujo permitting the passage, Akane is our expedition to northern Tokyo transport aircraft of the military, became the mainland in the first battle. Do not have a very effective means of attack for Vivid system which is not affected by the electromagnetic pulse, is also knocked down once by Vivid collider, re-activated in response to the arrow of Whangarei one of the debris. After shooting down Akane with a single blow poke by surprise, was played to the pincushion the original.